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Photographs speak volumes beyond the picture placed before us.  Think about all the photos of yourself that you love.  Sure you may look great, but you love them because they trigger memories.  You suddenly remember all the emotions you felt the moment you were captured.   As an artist turned photographer I strive to keep giving you artistic, timeless and  innovative ways to remember yourself and the people and things you love.  Let’s make moments last a lifetime.




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At Mosaic Photography, we are prepared to handle your photography needs. From a senior photographer to engagement & wedding photography services, we are here for you. We are all about:

  • capturing beautiful moments inspired by love
  • travel, landscape, nature, and sun rays
  • bottling great energy within a photo
  • details on top of details
  • enjoying life while spreading love


Serving the Baton Rouge, LA area, the professionals at Mosaic Photography are here to take care of your photography needs. Contact us today for lifestyle and event photography services!

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