Brittany & Demetrie

We are Thrilled that Brittany & Demetrie’s Chicago Engagement session is Featured in Munaluchi Bridal Magazine Fall 2018 issue.

Brittany & Demetrie met in 2014 during their college of pharmacy interviews at Chicago State University. They were both accepted. When school started they remembered each other from interviews and instantly became friends. They loved being in each other’s companyand became best friends. As time passed they realized that they wanted to be more than friends. They studied together, motivated one other, and graduated together on May 9th of 2018 as Doctors of Pharmacy. During the summer of 2017 they were excited to find out they would be expecting a baby girl at Christmas time. Demetrie proposed at the closing of their baby shower in front of all of theri family and friends. As the baby shower ended, Demetrie begin the closing remarks. He begin by thanking Brittany’s family for making her who she is. Then he continued by thanking Brittany for making him a better man. Unbeknownst to her he was about to propose…. “I sat there fanning myself to keep from crying. When he got down on one knee, my jaw immediately dropped and the waterworks became unstoppable. I wrapped my arms around him & nodded my head yes.” Read more about their Love story in the article here. Munaluchi Bridal Magazine Fall 2018 issue.

Shagari Jackson