Stepanie & Reggie

With both Stephanie and Reggie's fathers being stationed at the same military base, their families became close acquaintances, creating the opportunity for the future husband and wife to cross paths. Though they existed within similar social circles, their initial conversation took place on Facebook when Reggie reached out to Stephanie, inquiring about her recovery from a out-patient surgery. His thoughtfulness struck a chord in her heart, something that would continue to repeat itself over time; their feelings for each other blossoming with every act of kindness. After a successful first date their connection continued to grow stronger with each meeting until a relationship became official - having remained inseparable ever since...

Read all about Stephanie & Reggie's love story, proposal, and experiences in their romantic destination wedding in Hawaii here at Munaluchi Bridal Magazine as written by Samuel Naumick. See more photos below.

Shagari Jackson